Game port - looking for coder(s)



I am maintaining a project around an old 3D game named Descent and have created a WinXP specific version containing a lot of bug fixes and new features.

Take a look here to learn more.

A Mac port for this game exists, but is based on an older code version, lacking a lot of features of my version. The Mac version still has several hundred and maybe even over a thousand users, judging by the download count of the latest version.

As I neither own a Mac, nor know how to program on it, I am looking for someone who'd be willing to take a look into the source code and port it to Mac OS X. I'd gladly help where ever needed. My software branch contains a lot of Mac specific code already, so this is more about getting it all to work again.


Ah Descent, does that bring back some memories. Spent many a (class) day on marathon sessions of power-up's and flying into walls. Talk about a kick-ass game that lots of people didnt know about. I cant say I know too much about game development, but it sounds like your trying to do a port of existing source code. Ports I can help with - whats the primary platform your using for the Mac?