Games for my PowerBookG4


Hey everyone!

I am a little new to mac, but i got one cuz i know a some about unix, and a few things about mac. The other reasons i got it was because i know macosX is stable, but you cant build a mac or a laptop, so if i cant build it anyways, might as well go with mac lol. Also, it was a good deal :).

Anyways, here is what i have
The only thing my mac has that the one in the link doesnt have is 256 ram instead of 128. :) well, i would just like to know what games i could run on it, the videocard is AGP, but its only 8mb, and i know on x86 thats really bad, but i am not sure about mac.

Can you people please tell me what i could run on my powerbook?


-Thomas Johnson
Diablo II. I had a VIAO notebook with an integrated 8mb graphics card a couple of years ago and that ran perfectly on there, so most if not all of the other Diablo releases probably will too.

Possibly Early Warcraft games? I've never had one so I'm not sure. Also Sims, I had sims deluxe or something like that with a couple of expansion packs on that laptop and they all ran relatively well.

I'm sure there's a load of other games too

EDIT: Not sure about sims just saw your CPU speed which I didn't check before I posted this. The laptop I had was 1.25Ghz but maybe, although I think I remember it being a 6 or 800Mhz min. Check it out though.
Not sure how well it will run on your machine, but you might check out Everquest for Macintosh

You can download the game and a free 30 trial key at the above link. Hey, if it doesnt work for your machine, at least your not out any money! ;-)

Also, for a neat Non-Combat Socio-economic MMORPG ( Cross platform even ) cheeck out ( A Tale In The Desert II )
OttoMatic, Bugdom, Cro-Mag Rally (racing), Nanosaur. . .

Look for the really old games. There are some oldies but goodies.

Age of Empires II: The Conquerors would work great on that, I run it on my FrankenMac and it runs flawlessly, you may also want to check out Mac solitaire, very simple yet very addicting.
And finally how could you forget the classic Spaceward Ho!
Thats a game that should run on anything, and its still going strong.