GarageBand.2... static pops during recording


a few months ago i decided to switch to MAC, and buy a mac mini, mainly for recording music as everyone says it's best...

using garage band, i get these loud POP's (repeatedly) while recording a track. funny thing, when i play back the track, it doesnt play, i only hear it while recording. it's annoying as sin, because it's usually louder than the music i'm playing. i called apple, they basically told me "we may or may not get back to you on this"... anyone see this? i cant be the only one... i'm plugging my gutiar into a griffin imic, and then into the mac (via usb)....


SOunds like you are referring to the Metronome, or whatever it's called in Garageband. I'm not at my Mac at the moment so I can't check, but Garagrband has a feature that is on by default which gives you tick sounds while you record, to aid you in timing your music to the BPM.

You can turn it off, but like I say I'm not able to check at the moment. Can somebody check how to turn it off? probably in one of the menus at the top, or in Garageband > Preferences.

EDIT #2: I am at my Mac now, and can confirm that on Garageband Version 2.0 you can turn the metronome off in the Control Menu, or by pressing Command-U

No need to get so anti-mac so quickly, it's a feature, not a bug.

I think the shortcut to turn it off is Command + U, but i could be wrong.
let me know how you go.