Gateway Ceo Next To Mac!!!!


Hey everyone,
This isnt a phony pic! This is really a pic of the Gateway CEO standing next to a Mac which someone took at my I. T. conference. The only way a picture like this could get better is if the Mac was running OSX!!!



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I find this stuff hilarious :p

I saw a few periodicals having a commercial of this "competer sleeve" that stores CDs, so the computer where the "sleeve" was resting was a PC, a 486dx IBM if I am not mistaken, a desktop model on its sides. Guess what all the CDs were.... they were apple CDs lol. Namelly MacOS 8 CD, Quicktime CD, norton for mac CD .... I found ti HILARIOUS.....

Also people in their ads...they want to be politically correct I guess because they use macintosh computers (they take all the logos off of course) and on the computer screen you see a white mouse (windows) and a windows style window witha few items in there....

It just makes me want to laugh!