GCC and C compiler general


Dear MacOS X testers

The great UNIX base with Telnet and command line shell capability invites me to use well known GNU packages like "Lynx", "Pine" and so on. Unfortunately, a "cc -o helloWorld helloWorld.c" command (three code line app) does not work :-( but a "man cc" shows

cc - C and Objective-C compiler

This command is documented in /Developer/Documentation/Developer-Tools/Compiler. Please refer to the documentation files in that directory for more information.

I belong to these folks who say: "A UNIX system without a C compiler is not a UNIX!".

Is there a way to install GCC so I can compile the packages mentionned above? What solutions does Apple provide?

Any comments are appreciated. :)

Greetings :) Dreäl
To get the developer tools which include gcc you must sign up for adc and download them. This is free (if you download); if you want the CD it costs quite a bit more.

You can get to the adc login page at http://connect.apple.com