Geforce2 MX



I was wondering... I have a cube... and where do I buy the gf2 MX? The top model had it! But you can´t buy it at apple-store... Can you take an ordinary gf2mx and just flash the bios??

Is is possible to add a new Graphics Card to Cube..?

By the way, as you may have known, Apple won't produce Cube anymore..
Yeah I know apple doesn´t produce cubes anymore... And yes you CAN install a graphic card in the cube. It´s got an AGP slot (only 2x though).
I thought about upgrading my Cube graphics card to the ATI Radeon before it disappeared from Cube availability, until...

I realized that the Radeon has an onboard fan. One of my favorite things about the Cube is it's quiet operation, and the fan would just ruin my day.

FYI: Apple used to have a disclaimer at the Apple Store that (parapharsing) "due to the Radeon's onboard fan, Radeon Cube's would not operate 'silently'."

I don't know if this is an issue for me, but I thought I'd point it out.

Have fun!
The only thing I´m interested in is graphic power. I love the cubes silent design an I think that ONE little tiny fan on the graphic card won´t make any real difference in the sound issue.