Generating Toc


I have marked my Table of Content entries yet continue to get an error message when I print my TOC page: "Error! No table of contents entries found." I was told I had to "update" my TOC entries and found this instruction:

Update an index, a table of contents, or other table after making changes
1. Click to the left of the index, table of contents, or other table you want to update.
2. Press F9.
Note When you update the entire index or table, any text or formatting you added to the finished index or table is lost.

So...I went to the left and set my curser, then poked at F9. Nothing. I did it two or three times. Nothing. What am I doing wrong? I then sent it by attachment to someone with a PC and they said they "updated" it; now I'm cranky that they could do it so easily and that I haven't yet been able to figure it out. I'm using Word. I just changed from Word Perfect (which was so easy!). Can you help me? Thank you...KateWritesBios