Genius Alert… calling all geniuses

Dennis Stanley

Here is the question:

In the audio out jack on the back of a 27" imac, it appears that the tip of a headphone jack is used primarily to disconnect from the internal speaker…?? correct???

What happens if I modify the tip of the headphone jack so that it does NOT open the connection on the internal stereo jack… will both the headphones and the internal speakers play??? If that happens to be true and I dearly hope it is, can I be shown how to wire something that will allow me to switch between the two sources??? (Had Apple thought to put the jack on the side or the front or even the bottom, this post would not exist…

Any and all ideas are welcome…

Please, please email me if you have a solution


Staff member
I'm going to move this to a different forum here, but before I do that, I would suggest just picking up a USB to Audio adapter. I have one that came with a set of headphones and with that you can switch back and forth without having to manually unplug the audio jack. I can't speak to if you modify the plug. I guess if you take a pair of wire cutters to the end and it works, then you may have a HOWTO thread. LOL. But chances are, no audio is pushed to the port unless it's detected by the same mechanism that switches the audio from speakers to headphones. But, that's just theory on my part.