Get a 5-STAR quality DVD


After much trial and error, and searching forums, here's a solution to get high-quality movies on standard DVDs.

I used iMovie 09 and iDVD 09
First some notes: Do NOT choose iDVD when asked where to SHARE or EXPORT, even though these are logical and you would think the correct choices. If you go this route, your burn will look crappy when you play it back on a HD tv. Save yourself the 12+hours I spent learning this over 2 days.

(Be sure and note EXACTLY what you called the movie because you will need to find it later. Try to make the name as unique as possible, dates, times, version as you may not be able to easily find it. And, if you do trial and error like I did, you're still going to have to figure out which version to use of the movie because you'll now have at least 2 with the same name. More on this later).

Share>Media Browser
Choose HD 1280 x 720>Publish

Launch iDVD
Open New Project, Name it.
Choose a Theme
On the right hand side you'll see THEMES - BUTTONS - MEDIA
Choose Media

Now, here's where it is tricky.
Find your movie in the media...
I"ll wait.....

Now, in my case I had TWO choices (versions) of the SAME movie, named the same thing because I had saved it two ways. Once, in iDVD Share as "Large" and now the new way choosing "Media Browser." (OOOPS). Don't be mislead by what you see here. If you choose the wrong one, you won't know it's the wrong one for at least 2 1/2 hrs and 10gb later.

One was called "LARGE" the other "720p" But looking closely I see the size of LARGE is 3GB. The 720p is 7.9GB. Assuming Larger means better quality, I chose the version 720p. Can't tell you how to get rid of the other one yet. I think you have to just go and buy an external hard drive once the computer is filled with files you want to get rid of but can't because it's a mystery where they are. But, digress.

Build your scene selections as you normally would.
Then simply burn to the DVD now and wait until cooked.

The quality of the DVD is as good as a commercial DVD placed on an HD TV. The menu is soft though; don't know why that happened and will play with it a little more, and I lost the ability to have those cute little pictures that indicate the scenes, but the quality of the movie is superb for standard DVD on an HD TV.

So, if you want an EXCELLENT HIGH QUALITY VERSION of a movie you have worked hours on, editing, cross dissolving, etc. and you don't have a Blu-ray, and your friends don't have blu-ray, but they want to watch on their HD TV, follow these instructions.

Now....let's see if we can not reclaim the 20 gb from the 3 burns that didn't go well.