Get Broken mac icon when trying to install 4k78


If anyone could help with this, it would be greatly appreciate:

PowerBook G3 (no USB) 192MB/8GBHD 2 equal partitions

Deleted Mac OSX PB, Insert RC CD, checked firmware, clicked install.

System goes through installation OK. unpack's all files and then reboot. I get the "Happy Mac" icon for about 50 seconds until it breaks (split folder icon).

I've re-booted with the "v" key held down. The last message indicates that the system cannot find root device.

Note: rebooted into OS 9 and noticed that "mach.kernel" does not exist.

Have try this install for time with same result

Not to sound cynical or anything, but ... wait 10 days and buy 1.0 when it ships?

Short of that, I'd highly recommend a reformat anytime you install over the PB; make sure you wipe out everything on that partition.

I was able to resolve this problem. Here is how if it may be of use to any else:

-Use FWB (the tool I used to first create the partition) to remove the both Mac OS X and Mac OS X_Booter partitions.

-Recreated Mac OS X partition

- Re-installed.

And now I am happily responding to this under 4k78!!!!!!
I had same problem with it. I have 3 partition.

1) MacOS X
2) 9.1 OS
3) Applications

MacOS X got screw up after I install new 4k78 then reboot. I noticted that some of images are missing on each icons also System Preference. I forced to switch to 9.1 and format the 1) partition and then reinstall it work perfectly.