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I'd like to see these iBoxes take off. Even though that the processor speeds are not as fast as we'd hope them to be (what was it - max of 1.13ghz?), these iBoxes will set a level playing field: between PC and Mac users.

So I don't have to go to the Apple Store and come out pouting. :)


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for ~$400, i'd give it a try to have something that rivals a powermac dual 1.25ghz machine...
So would I. But the Dual 1.2G version of the thing weighs in at $1500. Thats sans video, memory and harddrive. Adding memory, harddrive and video brings it to about the same price as the real thing from Apple. Actually, I think it's probably quite a bit worse of a deal, considering that the bus speed is still only 100MHz, Firewire is 400 Mbps, and it's in no way going to be supported by Apple, to say nothing about whether Apple will even tolerate it long-term.

All that said, I've been thinking about upgrading the processor in my G4. The $349 option might be a way for me to recycle the processor I pull from my G4. I certainly have all the other parts laying around that would let me build a reasonable machine on the cheap. I just wouldn't go with a Crib as a first/primary machine...

My $0.02....


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The "tower" is just a Mac mobo/ps/guts stuck in a PC clone tower. The pizza box is going to be custom manufactured, and won't be available for a couple of weeks at the earliest.

You could assemble your own Mac clone tower now if you wanted. You can get the mobos from eBay, or MacResQ, along with the power supply. Get yourself a case, add your CPU (available from and elsewhere), your HD, your optical drive, kb/mouse, power up and install your OS. It's not rocket science, just hobbyist electronics.

The benefit of going with Happyware is that the price will be a little cheaper, since he's buying his parts in bulk and reselling them. Also, getting a Mac mobo to sit correctly in a PC case is a bit of a challenge, since the screw positions and holes on the mobo/case aren't compatible. Not sure how he's getting around this.

One of the guys from TechTV created a similiar Mac clone and had the same problem. He got around it by using plastic twist ties to mount the mobo to the case. Not pretty, but it worked...


Maybe so, but I wonder how hard installing a superdrive will be? That's a big selling point and I wouldn't own a Mac without one.


So is the i box still coming. Why this now? for pro users maybe. The prices seem a few hundred dollars cheaper than the Apple systems but they still need some work.

Where is he getting the Processors and Logic boards?

Maybe the CoreBox on his website is the place where the iBox will go.


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It's still coming. The Crib is just a standard PC case with a Gigabit Ethernet mobo and power supply. You could assemble one of these yourself pretty easily as well. The advtange of getting it from 2kHappyware is they are buying in bulk, and the price should be a bit lower than what you could get just buying 1 of each component.

The CoreBox is still coming, but from what I've heard, they are still working on the case and haven't finalized it yet.