Get OSX off my Laptop!!


I installed OSX on my PowerBook (Firewire). I chose to format the drive, since it was totally fragged anyway, and install OSX. Thinkning I could install Classic after. - Oops!

Now i want to get OSX off! Install OS9, and then do it all over again the right way. But I can't get the damn thing to start up from anything other than the OSX CD. Not even the OS9 cd!

What do I do??

Help!!!! I have a presentation tomorrow!

Here is what u do:
Pop in your Mac OS 9 CD
Go into your system prefrences
Go to the system disk control pannel and select the cd

It should boot into the cd and let you reformat or whatever. If it doesnt work, your last hope would be to hold down command+option+shift+delete at start up to ignore your hard drive.
Good Luck!
You mean the Startup Disk control panel in System Preferences on OSX? Tried that .

Otherwise I'm not sure I follow you.

Opps, yah, I ment the start up disk control pannel within os x. Sorry.
Did you try to make your mac ignore your hard drive? (You hold Command+option+shift+delete before your computer starts up) Make sure the system CD your computer came with is in the CD rom drive!
If that doesnt work, you can try holding option before your computer starts up

If none of thies things work, I dont know what to tell you. :( Maby you could dig up something reading all the readme's OS X came with.