get rid of the PIF files


Hi everybody,
i know i can not be infected as a mac user but still, is there any script, which I, as a amateur user, can use to eleminate this files or even make the sender think that the mail address does not excist.
i'm using entourage and i have set the rules that if a mail comes in with a attachment pif, remove attachment and delete mail.
is there no better way, like mail washer but that you could add the boucing as script to entourage.

thanks for your help.

Regards from lugano switzerland



Scratch & Sniff Committee
There's not much point bouncing back virus generated emails in the same way that you would bounce spam. Viruses harvest email addresses from the PCs they infect. They do not take addresses off the list if they get a delivery failure notice - to do so would require the virus to actually monitor an email account to which they could not possibly have access. Therefore, bouncing virus emails achieves nothing. Just setup a ruleset that will delete these emails and they won't bother you anymore.

Spam emails are a very different matter, however, and I won't go into that here.