Getting a Classic app carbonized and able to run in OS X w/o running Classic


Is there an app or something out there that can take an app written in classic (like Outlook Express, or AIM) and can still be the same app, just having it run in Aqua?
no. (short answer)

applications need to be tweaked to conform to the Carbon API where about a third of the APIs in Classic have been removed. so a recompile is the least needed - and for that you need access to source code. If it were that easy, people would have done it. (long answer)
Hmm, okay. I was bored one afternoon and I tried to make classic AIM be identical to the Mac OS X version, but it didn't work. Somethin with the libraries or something. I'll just wait til the companies come out with OS X versions of the apps.

Hmmm.. if someone could invent a convertor like that. Apple'd pay them a LOT of money. Classic would be gone. No more. I mean, think of it. But, alas.. such an app doesn't exist.

We also need an app to convert Windows apps to Mac apps. That'd be sweet.
something to beam out technology from tv series like StarTrek. Or hmm... lemme think, yes: I want that knife MacGuyver always had! Oh, I got one like that already. :/
If they invent those converters, they could go straight ahead and invent a water-2-wine thing...or trash-2-cash and stuff like that...for a company which achieves the first goal, the last two thigns should be easy ;)

I hope you get my message
Can't you guys do that water-to-wine conversion thing yet!

Been doing that for years.

I can even turn wine into water (only on the weekend though!!):p