getting a new g4 desktop... help me choose


Where's your head at?
im selling my pc ( ) and planning on getting a new G4. this PB belongs to my parents =\

im wondering if i should get a G4 w/ dual proc. or get a single 500 w/ more ram.

i feel that the AMD dual proc. boards arent worth it, but im not sure if its the same with apples G4's...

i plan on using the G4 mainly for digital design and college.

so what do you think is 'more' important? dual proc. or more ram (single chip)

note: i'm a [H]ardcore performance/overclocking type guy... i try to tweak my computer for optimal performance, so i notice all the little laggy things (like os x on this PB)
I think you should get a Dual. I have one and I love it. It IS faster for OS X, but as you may know, RAM is really helpfull with OS X.

I would get a dual and upgrade the RAM. The Ram is cheaper than water right now.

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Personally, I would buy the Dual Processor machine. RAM is so cheap now days and processors are NOT. With the Dual, you will get more performance benefit for your money in the long term.

If you were to take out the memory that comes with the mac and buy 3 256mb chips (bringing your machine up to 768) it would cost about $140 give or take $10. That is enough memory to work on 200mb files in Photoshop.
I suggest you go to apple's website and seriously take a look at the new 800 MHz and 867 Mhz G4's. It's the most impressive systems that I have every seen. I suggest gettting the single processor 867 Mhz - then upgrade the RAM on your own (b/c if you ask apple to upgrade it for you - it will cost you 'an arm & a leg' to do so). Agreeing with the others, RAM is eXtremely cheap right now. About $20-25 for 128 Mbs. Also, the Superdrive that comes with this system is awesome - it is a DVD-R/CD-RW in one. How many people do you know have there own DVD-R. If you have the money it is worth getting. Also. I do not think the extra $1000 for the second processor will be noticeable if you upgrade the RAM. So if you got the bucks- get the 867 Mhz G4.

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definitely go for the dual 800....I would get the least amount of ram possible and the smallest hard drive possible and buy third party upgrades for those. both the hard drive and the ram are incredibly easy to install...there movies on the apple website describing how to do it...
Hands down, absolutely, no question, GET THE DUAL!

I had a chance to get my hands on one at MWNY. It made 10.0.4 fly! Once 10.1 comes out, i think you'll have more processing capability than you know what to do with.