getting an unsupported cdrw to work w/ 10.1 burning


Yes, this is my question. I have a yamaha 4260 scsi cdrw that I would looove to get working under OS X (I'm running 5G48 right now). So far it isn't supported, and I'm afraid Apple isn't gonna do much to support old SCSI devices (they'd better). So anybody have any ideas on how to modify a current driver to get it working? Any help would be awesome.

I have the La Cie scsi burner and would also love apple to make osx scsi reason I wont install osx on my main drive is that I cant burn in it
you'd think that there'd be an easy way to hack one of the current drivers to get similiar models working, being that this is BSD!
I throw my hat in the pile,
I got a SCSI Yamaha 4416SX
(not to mention a SCSI zip drive which doesnt work cause I dont have a SCSI driver for OS X)

Yeah, i would, but from what i recall it doesn't support cd images yet. Almost all I burn are iso's and imgs.

I remember reading somewhere that installing Toast (more specifically Toast's extensions) will add support to CD-RW drives for Apple applications as well, I don't know if that's the case in just 9.x or X, or if that was just some rumor. It may be worth a try, though.
Yeah, as far as I know that was just with OS 9, but maybe there's more that I don't know.

I didn't realize it, but Toast PR2 for 10.1 is out! It also looked like it might burn images, we'll see. Unfortunately, it doesn't support my drive =(