Getting Bosch to work (free PC emulator)


Now that Bosch, a free PC emulation program (sort of a free Virtual PC) has been ported ( it would be nice if we could get some info on how to make it work and how to install a viable Windows system on it...

I don't know if anybody had the opportunity to try it yet but if you did, I would appreciate any hint you can provide.


<p>I've played with it, and installed FreeDOS, but that's the extent of it. Bochs compiles rather cleanly under OS X, and yes, I can get (gasp!) a DOS window to appear.
<p>The big hurdles I've seen so far occur during a Windows install. For example, you can't access the /dev/cdrom device as in Linux if you wish to install from a Win CD-ROM. You must prevent the file system from being mounted automatically -- not a newbie-grade trick. Also, for reasons I don't quite comprehend, I couldn't "format my C: drive" in a way to include the necessary "system files". Of course, that could be a FreeDOS bug.
<p>I'm not so sure this is a worthwhile endeavor anyway, what with Connectix coming out with VirtualPC soon. There will be a rearchitecture of Bochs coming soon to speed up execution (and oh does it need it), but if VirtualPC for OS X is priced reasonably, I'll probably not bother with Bochs.
<p>My $.02...
I did manage to get it to work with FreeDos as well... I also had the problem with the CD-ROM but didn't try to fix it (Bochs is way too slow on my machine).

It was interesting to try though...

As for VIrtual PC, I really liked this sw but, for some reason, it is not very unstable on my machine. Almost all apps crashes, there are registry problems... Clean installs and different versions of windows (95, Me, 2000 and XP preview) did not do the trick. That problem applies to both X and 9 versions. All this is very annoying and VPC tech support were not very helpful so far.

IN the past I have tried Bochs and Blue Label.
Both seem VERY slow in comparison to VPC...
Granted Blue label is not as mature as VPC and boch is freeware which is a hobby kind of project thus will probabbly not get as far as VPC anytime soon.

Good program though. I tool loaded freeDOS on it :p
Whenever I try to run FreeDOS under Bochs i get this error message:

Bochs is exiting with the following message:
[XGUI] Could not open vga font
I have been trying to compile this for about a week. Has anybody had any luck building it with Carbon support? In the past, I have had success under X. I configure it with carbon support and make it without error. But when I run the binary, it errors out with:

failed assertion "gCTable != NULL" at

Make did not complain when building the library from I found a CVS update to that supposedly fixed this, but it was older than my source and didn't compile at all anyway. What gives? Has anyone beaten this one?
Turned out my problem was with the bundle build not the linking. That's all set now. But when I create a drive image and fdisk it, format c: /s fails to sys it. The image is unwritable. Permissions are OK. Anybody have any hints?