getting classic apps to appear!?


I've got this problem where I start a classic app (after starting OS9) and it will appear in the dock but won't show on the rest of the computer, from the desktop to the forcequit window??? anyone got any ideas??? (I've got a beige 233 G3 w/ 160 mb of ram and OS 9.0.4.)
Then you have some extension or app (startup items) on the mac os 9 side that prevent the classic environment from booting properly. I took out every launcher (drag thing, a-dock, gomac) and then all went well, suddenly.

yes, as you were suggesting, it was such things as that.I had been sorting out extesion after extension and startup items as well, just as you were replying. for all of you with similar problems, turn off those appearance editors and even the Kodak color startup thing. eventually, classic will stop hanging itself on startup.