Getting LAME to work.


I always wondered why QT couldn't do a MP3 as a Export option so today I looked online to see if I could find something to add that feature. I found this thingy called LAME. Now, when I got it downloaded I read the instructions and this is what they said.

To install, copy the resulting LAMEEncoder.component folder to one of the following locations:


As with the LAME framework, so with this...if you want anyone other than yourself to be able to use this, you must install it to /Library/QuickTime.

After following those simple enough steps, I opened QT and tried the export but the MP3 option wasn't there. Even after a restart of the computer. So I gotta ask, what am I doing wrong that doesn't make this thing apart of QT?


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Go back to the versiontracker LAME link you posted above. Click on "Developers site" and download the LAME Framework. Place this in /Library/Frameworks. Restart quicktime and it should work fine.