getting rid of some of the visual effects


Any ideas on how to do this? They're pretty nifty looking, but I'd rather have a more responsive system (G3/300).

I want to get rid of:
the fancy minimizes
the bouncing icons in the dock (contrary to what i said above, these are NOT nifty... red blicking arrow, that's all i want)
all the transparent menus... too slow...

umm i'll have to think about the rest, but i think all of those things would make a difference

head over to System Preferences > Dock and take off Magnification, change Genie Effect to Scale Effect (at the bottom) and uncheck Animate Opening Applications. You may also want to Automatically hide and show the dock which would tuck the dock away when you're not using it. It won't stop icon-bouncing but it may lessen the effect.

Just poke around the preferences and you'll be able minimize the amount of stuff you want the X GUI to do.
There is a utility that actually allows u to remove the shadows on windows to give older macs some speed up.
Im sorry I dont have the url or name of it but all I remeber was its made by the same guy who made windowshade x.