Ghost sytem folders


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My OS X Startup Disk icon shows three System folders on my HD which has only two. The ghost folder appears as "Mac OS" (not 9.1 or X or anything) and says it resides in "System Folder" which is the 9.1 folder.


The worse part is that Classic won't launch because "There are no startup volumes that can run classic."

Anyone else had this? And fixed it?

After some fiddling I got Classic to start, but Startup Disk still shows the ghost system folder.

Incidentally, if I select the ghost folder and reboot, I get the question mark in the flashing folder problem (not a disk icon).

reminds me of the time when I had the Public Beta and Startup Disk showed that I had 3 OS 9 system folders on my OSX disk. I only had one, my OS 9.0.4 Clasic system. I can't remember if they were greyed though (I think they were). Anyway mine stopped doing that with the final.

Not really helpful but ehh i felt like posting :)