Gimp for macos x

The download is not an OSX native application unfortunately. It needs tenon's X tools to run as an X windows app.

you will also have to compile it.

I suggest photoline for now. Gimp is a great app, but I would wait for a native OS X version.

If you are bound and determined to get it running, the above website has all the info.

here is another link for getting gimp running on OS X:

[Edited by hotani on 02-13-2001 at 03:04 PM]
GIMP is as native as it'll ever get. Even if some moron wastes his time and ports GTK to Quartz the interface will be exactly the same as it is in X11, only worse because you'll have the added confusion of an app with Aqua buttons yet doesn't follow the Aqua HI Guidelines.

In short, it would be futile to "wait"