Global Ownership & Permission Changes


Hi, my husband and I both work on Macs that are networked. He's on a machine with OS 10.4 and I'm running OS 10.3.9. We are able to share files without any problems except sometimes, we'll run across a folder or file that's 'Read Only'. I'm aware of how to change permissions problems (Command + I) and am also aware of how to apply permissions to the contents of an entire folder (which doesn't seem to work all the time). But, is there a way to globally make all files 'Read and Write' regardless of who originally created the file? It's a pain in the butt to open a document, work on it only to find out that a permissions problem prevents you from being able to save it. This permissions issue also creates other file updating problems. Surely, Apple would have accounted for a working environment such as ours in which privacy is not an issue.

Thank you. Any help would be appreciated.