gloreous picture icons

Aussie John

Page 10 of new welcome to OSX manual show a window with the folders pictures in gloreous icon views with drop shadows and turn page corners-.

How the hell is that done?:D

regards John
Ok...I am on page 10 of the "welcome to macox" book
the icons in the green window are just simple any picture with graphic converter or Photo Shop, as .jpg and they will look exactly the same
Hope it works:)
Well I can get an icon to come up but it doesnt have the drop shadow- is clunky when "blown up" and doesnt have the turned page corner. i am still missing something.
BTW I resaved the pic in preview
use graphic convertor then change preference under save:icons change the icon 128X128 then select the dog eared too for the folded over part
then u change the view option of finder to dislay it in bigger icons and u could get that page 10 of yours
Here's an easy way to do it without Graphic Converter, but you have to do one at a time:

1. In Preview, open a graphic file
2. Choose Copy (Command + C)
The entire graphic is now copied to the clipboard
3. In Finder, select the file's icon
4. Show Info (Command + I)
5. Select the generic graphic icon on the Show Info Panel (in 10.1, it is selected by default).
6. Choose Paste (Command + V).
The graphic image from the clipboard is now pasted in full, glorious color and detail, as the file's icon.

This is great to do just a couple files, but if you have large numbers of files that you're looking to get a preview icon for, Graphic Converter is great.

Have Fun!
Thanks for the tips but...
still cant get a drop shadow on the preview icon and even with dog ear turned on in graphic converter still no turned over edge.
Must be missing something.

The generic icons for files all have these items (shadow and turn corner)
so how do I go the next step?
If you haven't figured it out by now, Apple doesn't use REAL screenshots in their manuals... their design dept. uses elements of screenshots and gussies them up for print. You'll find all sorts of things that don't exist in X in the manual... Hell in the Public Beta manual they added DropShadows to Classic windows cause it looked better.

in the manual the curl and shadow looks better than the one generated by graphic convertor

but if we want to create the icon like that it is possible too by using something like photoshop to make the shadow and also the curl then pasting it as an icon but that is way too troublesome