Gmail Being Spammed?


Just recently i noticed my GMail account being a victim to spam, i got about 20 to 30 messages within the past 2 days. It's all the same stuff though, something about the new tech boom and everything.

I've tried responding to remove it and the mail keeps getting bounced back saying that the spammers email address is full or it doesn't exist.

Has anybody else notice this happenin to them as well?


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Never open spam emails and use their unsubscribe from this list option. This simply confirms that your email address exists and is in use, and they'll send more.


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Also: _Which_ mail service _isn't_ spammed these days? You basically need only _one_ contact who uses a PC that has been infected with some or other virus or worm, and your E-Mail address, too, will be 'shared' as a 'good' contact. I have two Gmail accounts, one of which I rarely use. That account has no spam whatsoever. The other account, which I use quite often, gets a lot of spam, but Gmail's spam filter is working very well.


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I'd love another free email account apart from my Hotmail. The spam I receive in that is getting ridiculous. Count yourself lucky you have a Gmail account! :(


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I haven't been having any spam problems with GMail. And the little spam I do get is sent straight to my inbox. I'm very happy with GMail's filters.

Veljo: I just sent an invite to your hotmail address, so you can count yourself lucky now too. :) Be sure to check your spam folder, because Hotmail doesn't like Gmail.


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The community here at never ceases to amaze me. Thank you Mikuro, I owe you one :cool:

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the Report Spam button is your friend. Use it well, use it often.

I only get a few bits of spam on Gmail and they are always flagged as spam and sent to the SPam box.

Gmail good. Spam bad.