gNAT hosed my network control panel


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I installed GNAT last night hoping it would allow me to share my dial up connection with my G3. I ran the program, clicked the "enable connection sharing" button and bam, my downloads ceased, kicked off aim, etc, etc. I was still connected to the internet though. So I went into the prefrences control panel to see what was going on with the network settings. The network control panel "...can not be loaded".

Can somebody help me fix this?
I've had this same problem, and I've yet to get gNAT to work properly. I reinstalled X on top of my "old" X and this fixed the network pannel problem. May not be the best solution, but it works.
Man I can't wait until Sustworks releases IpNetrouter for OsX. It's works pretty nicely and I share a DSL connection with 4 other computers. But I crashes all the time so I can't wait until it comes for Os X.

I was about to try out Gnat to see if it could replace IpNetrouter, but now that I see this, I think I will wait a bit longer :D
Yeah, I'm all for IPNetRouter stepping up. That's what I currently use, and it works perfectly, but at the same time it's one of the main things that keeps me from being in X full time. (The faceless background app is the coolest) The great thing about gNAT, which beats a hardware or other software router, is that its FREE! I guess I could bite the bullet and realize my worst fears (being learning command line stuff) and just do it myself, but I'll take the comfort of a GUI any day!:p
Right now I'm using a LinkSys 4 port ethernet hub to share a connection with my new cable modem and two G4s. I'm just not sure if its routing correctly. I have the cable modem plugged into the uplink port and two G4s plugged into regular ports on the hub. Everything works great except for transfer speeds between machines. When FTPing a file, it averages about 100k/s. This should be closer to 1MB/s over a 100BT hub.

Any suggestions?