GNOME Installation Problem


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Hi All!

I installed fink and got it to work just a few hours ago, and now I want to get gnome installed.
This is what I did:

fink install gnome-core

Getting all the packages worked out fine, but as soon as everything is downloaded and I get to the next stage, I get the following error message


checking whether build environment is sane... yes
checking whether make sets ${MAKE}... no
checking for working aclocal... missing
checking for working autoconf... missing
checking for working automake... missing
checking for working autoheader... missing
checking for working makeinfo... missing
checking host system type... powerpc-apple-darwin1.4
checking build system type... powerpc-apple-darwin1.4
checking for ranlib... :
checking for gcc... no
checking for cc... no
configure: error: no acceptable cc found in $PATH
### ./configure failed, exit code 1
Failed: compiling audiofile-0.2.1-2 failed
[bakr35454-345:/] blablabla#

So, something is missing in the PATH environment variable, but how do I fix this??


You need the Developer Tools to compile stuff on your own machine. This is most likely not a PATH issue - cc would be in /usr/bin and if /usr/bin isn't in your path your shell won't find even the simplest commands.

I recommend you use the binary distribution instead. It doesn't strictly require the Developer Tools and it's faster and safer anyway. Just run 'sudo dselect', hit "pdate", then "elect", mark bundle-gnome, then hit "nstall" back in the main menu.


Thanks for all the tips.
Unfortunately dselect can't download the bundled-gnome package:

>> This package doesn't install any files of itself, but makes sure that you
>> have a fully-functional GNOME 1.4 system through dependencies.

Hmm, maybe I can download the package from