aqua is perty by all means, but not that functional.

does anyone have info on "gnome" and it's relation to os x? is anyone trying to port gnome to osx ? has anyone succeded? i could get the free source code for osx (Darwin) and use gnome as my gui! i love gnome and it looks very perty on linuxppc i am going to borrow linuxppc froim my friend and try it out, i'd also love if all those free<<< linux apps get ported to osx that would be soo cool! so, after i try linux, see if it works, i hope i don't screw it up too much, i'm probably gonnna stay in linux for. it seems like much more (in terms of development) is going on there and all the free softz u get are awsome! :rolleyes:
The cool thing is that Darwin with gnome and X Windows is free, just download and let the headaches begin.:D

"aqua is perty by all means, but not that functional."

Considering that most of gnome and and all of afterstep/gnustep are based on the idea of getting the "user experience" that NEXTSTEP had, how are they more functional than an OS that is directly descendent from the original?
you can customise them to your heart's delight! just check out some screen shots and you'll see the ariety! anym\way that is a minor thing i like aqua, but it's slow and hogs memory and i don't need size 10 font and under to be "anialiased" wtf what do i care if my desc top is live rendered pdfs??? there were perty see through and shadowy menu's and etc in os 9 if you downloade kaleidoscope! and there were tons of interfaces and ""skins"" you could get os 9 to look like you wanted to!
"...anym\way that is a minor thing i like aqua, but it's slow and hogs memory..."

Okay, my system that I am currently running Red Hat 6.1 w/gnome on is the same system I run Rhapsody DR2 (Mac OS X Server Beta) on, a Pentium/133 with 48MB/1GB (each system has its own 1GB drive which I switch). If you want to talk about performace loss and memory hog, I wouldn't use a Linux system running gnome as a comparison. Running Rhapsody DR2, Red Hat 6.1 and Solaris 7 fir Intel on the same system has given me a chance to seejust how slow Red Hat and Solaris are (Solaris/CDE being the king of slow). Running gnome means running it on top of X-Windows and the whole system runs much slower.

Actually that was why I suggest you download them and pointed out that they are free, your only expence is your time. There are very few operating systems in this world that I haven't used (or don't have a copy of), it just so happens that most of the cool looking ones have high system requirements. Considering Kaleidoscope didn't come out until Mac OS 8 (it started out as a way to make System 7 look like Mac OS 8), I guess we are just going to have to wait for Mac OS X 17.0 before we get relief (there are already themes out for Mac OS X, with more on the the way).:D

I actually love the "grass is greener on the other side" argument, and I'm not going to bring up the people I know who went looking for work when Eazel shut down. Try out the systems for your self, screen shoots don't tell you anything about a systems performance.

Here is a good example, this shoot is of both my Red Hat system and my SGI Indy running gimp, can you tell which is running it faster?


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I have linux PPC ... I had it installed on my OS X partition (well before it was an OS X partition). Gnome is nice, but I dont like it that much. IT seems to depend a lot on a 2 or 3 button mouse which drives me insane!)

On time I lost the "dock" it has and it took me forever to try all keyboard-mouse combos to figure out what equaled the mouse click to get the contetual menu out and get the dock back.

I got suse linux with KDE, and I istalled it several times. The installer ir simple & cool, and it looks more hospitable as an environment (KDE)... now I need to reinstall it lol :p It was taking a long time under VPC, I rebooted uncleanly sefveral times and killed the FS :p ...

I have LinuxPPC 2000 and like it very much. I had it installed on a 2GB partition and ran out of disk space. The features of significant benefit were SPEED and customization. I have a Blue and White Yosemite 400MHz G3 and my computer never before did things so fast. The claim that linux breeds new life into older computers is true. I even have the AQUA (GTK) themes for Gnome before they were removed from all web sites at Apple's request. I will say that this is not for the faint of heart. The installation went smoothly and it worked with a few bug fixes that are fixed by typing several commands into the command line interface, like the clock being off by several hours, and the Japanese system font being the default system font. The manual that LinuxPPC 2000 comes with provides very little information about UNIX commands, so you should be familiar with it before "playing around"; I say this as an experienced Apple user and not a UNIX/Linux user. My experience with UNIX was minimal when I was an undergraduate. If you don't know UNIX, I would recommend going to the library and getting several books on UNIX/Linux commands. I was using LinuxPPC 2000 for cruising the internet and email because it was so much faster than Mac OS 9 and Netscape Communicator. The XMMS MP3 player rocks, and doesn't take much processor time. On LinuxPPC 2000 it took 5% of the processor's time, however in Mac OS X, iTunes takes between 10% and 25% (no frills, animation = 50% - 60% processor time). Also another thing that will be useful for those with multiprocessor Macs, LinuxPPC 2000 kernel supports up to 4 G4 processors. I used LinuxPPC 2000 right up to the day until GIMP crashed the system and destroyed a gnome settings file. Using fsck to fix it did not work. Being that Linux uses the UFS file system, I had no known way of getting to the UFS volume to retreive my data (tried to get Mac OS X to mount the volumes without success) in which case the real Mac OS X arrived March 24 and the volume was hosed for Mac OS X. If you are looking for SPEED, LinuxPPC 2000 (or possibly any other PowerPC version of linux) is the way to go; you will have a grin on your face for a week or longer.
(specs bellow)
I installed linux PPC on mine, it was an OK installation...
I had probelms getting the modem to work, and KDE to work as well. Everytime I chose it as my environment before I loged in I just got back to the login window, and could not login thereafter, even in gnome!

I had to reinstall teh system after that. so I gave up. I like unix, but I hated rebooting to use my mac apps so I did not use linux that much
They are both very cool, I had SuSE 7.0 running on a 8500 acting as a SQL and PHP server and it rocked.... but.... THIS IS OS X.

I know not everyone is as loyal as I (I still have my aplle ][e with bankstreet writer in my office) but we are talking about THE true derivitave of Next. The speed is coming, the custimization... maybe not, but this OS is the most amazing thing to happen since sliced bread! KDE and Gnome are both very good, but they both still make me feel like I am using a windows machine. Now I have a beautiful computer that also lets me develop anything (Java. C++, SQL, PHP, JSP, even ASP) with the friendliness of the Mac. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniac's original dream is still alive after all these years!

I will now step of my soapbox....:rolleyes:
I just got SuSE 7.1 (x86) and installed it on VPC. The installation process is SO simple! a true credit to the SuSE guys :)