GNU-Darwin ports not working?


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I've installed the GNU-Darwin ports system following the instructions and aside from some quirks it all seemed to install ok.

However, whenever I try to 'make' anything the makefile in question gives me plenty of syntax errors. Specially on directives like '.if' and '.include', their syntax is fairly different in Apple's compiler and make manuals.

Has anyone managed to get the ports to run on MacOS X ?

Thanks in advance,

have you tried using gnu make instead of bsd make? considering that it's a gnu compilation, i'd guess they're building their makefiles against gnu make. try 'gmake' instead of 'make'.

I've tried with both and 'bsdmake' seems to work most ('gnumake' gives me the same syntax errors as before).

With 'bsdmake' it complains something like:
"makefile", line 42: Could not find <>

if I do a 'locate' I get:

So it seems the file is in the system...

BTW, nowhere it says how does one actually install a port? I've tried 'sudo make install' and 'sudo make', is that the correct procedure?


(edit: the '<' and >' hid !)

before "make" and "make install", you usually have to run


this should recognize your OS X environment and build an appropriate makefile. Occasionally you may have to specify a generic system, e.g. "ppc".

I installed successfully the following GNU packages on OS X

gpg (from the source and the "easy" package)
I mean the specialized GNU-Darwin ports, which are already configured (afaik). I am not trying to port or compile GNU software myself, if that's what you meant.

Hi dani++,

could you refer me to these specialized Darwin ports, please? The GnuPG may be one of them, and it worked for me. It could also be that in some cases it's easier to recompile after configuring the makefile, perhaps as a generic PowerPC (worked for me for textutils).
I had a look at the GNU-Darwin site. I believe what you want to do is to install "packages", such as XFree86, tcl, etc. Then you must follow the instructions under

rather than using configure and make. It looks scary to me, however, as it is in pre-beta, you have to replace the standard tar executable, etc.

If you want to install a simple GNU program or two, I'd rather use the standard GNU distribution and compile it for "darwin" or "ppc".