Hi just went to the gnu-darwin site and i went to downloads and did the terminal command now my terminal is doing all of this stuff and i was just wondering what i need to get darwin working and all
sorry if its a little confussing
if yoou have osx instlled you have darwin... if you want ONLY darwin got to apple site and find the open source projects (trust me you don't want darin by itself!)

to get all (as many as have been ported) linux goodies working in osx including the funky gnome User Interface, download fink, and lean how to use it (not that hard since it's purpose is to make instaltian and removal of files painless for us mac dummies) then get xfree 86, gnome, etc etc, basically you tell it what you want installed and it will choose any extra files it needs and tell you and blash blah, untill you get everything working, (when i first tried it i got some errors but it tells you to just run the instaltion agina or to do something, then you do that ad it gets fixed, blah blah, so in the ent you figure out how to use it and get everything easily installed and that's how you can use anothe window manager ontop of darwin sice darwin is basically what you see in your terminal app, imagine terminal app being a window to darwin... told you u don't want that :)!