GNU filetools (rm/mv/ls/etc.) COMPILED and OPERATIONAL under OS X


Just wanted you command-line hackers to know that I've successfully compiled and installed the GNU filetools. I came over from using mostly Linux and I didn't like the 'quirky' (to me) behaviour that I was getting from the tools included in OS X PB. If you have the Darwin developer tools, you can get the sources at:

Untar them ('tar -zxvf fileutils-4.0'), switch to the fileutils-4.0 directory, do a './configure', then 'make'...that's all it should take. Copy the tools you want into /bin (back up the old ones first, and test the new ones before you copy them in to use them) One note: on OS X the GNU 'cp' and 'df' DOES NOT SEEM TO WORK PROPERLY (do a 'make check' to test everything)... There may be others, I'm still testing them. I feel pretty confident in at least mv/ln/rm/touch/mkdir/ls (those are some I've tested), but as always YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary)

My favorite part is that once again I can use 'mv' to rename directories, and also have my directory listings from 'ls' in color ('ls --color')...