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Anyone bothered to compile GNUGo for OSX? see:


I was able to get jago (a pretty nice java go board) built and running, and I'd like to use it with GNUgo.

There is a link to an OSX binary at:
<> but I could not open that file. My OS seemed to think it was a zip file. I renamed it with a tar.gz extension and used the Show Info tool to reset its application to Stuffit Expander, but the resulting file was not an executable application.

There is also a mac specific source package, at:
<> but that consists of sources for the abisoft or codewarrior compilers. Naturally, I'd prefer to use gcc. There must be a non-platform/compiler specific source package at the GNU site somewhere...

If someone else has already had success opening the binary file mentioned above, and you could share the technique you used to get it open, that would be great.
I assume that by application, you meant a unix command - gnugo is not an application, but a commandline program.

I don't know about what Stuffit does to the file, but it is often not very good with tar archives and file flags. Using to gnutar I got a perfectly good Mach-O executable, ran just fine.

Thanks for the tip about that ftp site btw.
Oh, I forgot to mention - the Mac OS X program Goban is a frontend to gnugo, and includes a gnugo binary inside the package (it contains version 2.7.228, the ftp site has version 2.7.229)

Check for the program - I think their ftp server is down at the moment, but once that is fixed you can get a pure Quartz gnugo game, quite pretty to look at.
awesome! thanks.

Duh! I am stupid or what? of course it's a command line app. I had just installed the linux version on a Debian box, like two days ago.

I was not married to the Jago thing (a java go board which probably serves more or less the same functionality as Goban)

thanks again - I'll go see what happens on ye olde command line...
Ok - that works.

The ftp server at is back up.

I was able to hook up Goban with GNUgo easily.

Goban is very, uh, tall, however. I have a tiny little 15 inch monitor. Goban does not seem to scale to 800 X 600. At that resolution the largest whole board I could get on my display without turning off the toolbar was 11 by 11. It looks great to not have the standard window border around the board, but as result there is no resize tab which we usually see in an OSX lower right hand corner of each window.

Also the interprocess communication leaves a bit to be desired. My first 19x19 game against GNUgo is either hung at GNUgo's 34th move, or GNUgo died or something... Goban is just sitting there waiting for white to move. Meanwhile gnugo is no longer showing up in the process list. Ideally Goban would have some kind of configurable time-out mechanism.

Thanks a lot for the suggestion.