GnuPG now works!


Or at least it should. I haven't tried it yet, but I was so excited I had to come over and let everyone know: GnuPG 1.0.4 now works on OS X. From what I've learned, it was a problem with sed. Anyway, you can find more at I'm going to try this out right now. Then, maybe I'll look at the patch and use it to figure out why some other GNU software won't make.

BTW, if you're wondering why I would even both to post this here, it is because a few weeks ago I started a discussion trying to find a solution to this problem, or more generally the unmakability of some GNU software. Also, maybe my posting this here will get a few of you to be concerned about security as you should be.
That's great to hear! I'm a little disappointed, though--I found what must be the same problem installing OpenLDAP, and I was hoping a more general solution would show up. I guess that would be why they call it a "patch", huh...

The problem seems to be that in some cases instead, the config script replaces ~/ with /Users/you/ (good!), but does it on the next line instead of inline (bad!), so you get (roughly--I'm at work right now)
/Users/me/thisapp/build/missing aclocal%
instead of
<code>s%$ACLOCAL%/Users/me/thisapp/build/missing aclocal%</code>

which gets (correctly) reported as an unescaped newline by sed. I think all the affected apps use autoconf--does anybody know that setup well enough to know how this happens? If it's any help, I think the variable with the problem in it (in the OpenLDAP script) is either $missing_dir or it's ancestor $ac_aux_dir (or *its* antecedents further up the line...)

That said, I've been trying to figure a simple-but-general solution (easily said) which I will report here if I find it and nobody else does first. But hopefully somebody who doesn't need to figure this out on the fly will beat me to it. :)
I'll hold my applause until GnuPG works with CDSA, an open API for trust/security which is supported in OS X.