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I am afraid of one thing, and one thing only: a lack of software being developed for OS X. It seems like something's happening, but everything I see so far is either a totally new Cocoa app that does basically nothing, or a Carbonized app that runs perfectly in OS 9 and has billions of bugs and sloppy features in OS X. I also see programs that are still being developed for OS X, that will be big, like Photoshop. But that still doesn't make it a diverse OS. I can still name all of the titles that I'll be expecting and I can expect, and developers might lose the OS X spirit because not many macintosh users have the specs to run the OS. For acceptable performance you'd need a very high end iMac or a low end G4. Although I am not sure of the grades of machines macintosh users have on average, I am worried that OS X is too far ahead of it's time, and people won't respect and develop for it as much as they should.


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Guy I feel your pain! I thing OS X might just be the best thing since sliced cheese but it's not getting enough heat to melt. I want to see more apps come out damn!!!! :(

I think the time will come however. Most Mac users are devoted to make the mac os better and want to convert to OS X when it is feasable. The problem here is that mac users are waiting for the apps and the developpers are waiting for the mac users to convert. Sort of a vicious circle. But fear not! I'm sure this summer will change things a lot. Apple will not be updating Os 9 much longer, developpers are just getting all the juice they can get out of it. Carbonizing software can be long and painfull and programmers are a very lazy bunch. They just want to reuse their old code all the time (recycling code can save tones of time, I do so myself and I don't know a programmer who doesn't).

I converted a few UNIX geeks and even one Windows user and they will never go back again. UNIX is great and the more geeks we can get, the more free apps we can get.

The future is bright, let the light shine through the clouds and touch you soul.



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We all feel your pain, but realize that the reason that the only Cocoa apps we've seen so far are simple is that non-beta people have only been messing with OS X for three months, and you can't create the next PhotoShop or Office or Quark or some other killer app in that much time.

So the first apps we saw were simple apps that manipulate user preferences or wrap unix commands (like Docking Maneuvers and Xoptimize for which we're forever indebted).

Next we'll see apps that deliver their own functionality, even if simple functionality, instead of manipulating other parts of the OS. We're seeing more of that on www.versiontracker.com.

If we see major programs native on OS X after only six months (end of summer), that will be a blessed surprise.



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Dont worry :)
OS X aint going the way of the newton ;)

APPLE I WANT THE NEWTON BACK DAMN IT!!! ... view appropriate thread on this BBS to see what we want the specs to be lol :p



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I want Photoshop now!!! Come on Adobe! Apple should pay them a phat sum of money so they can bring it out or else they will loose tons of creative professionals.

I though Adobe was partly owned by Apple, sort of like Filemaker. Am I completely wrong about this? I must be or they would have had Photoshope ready for March 27th.


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Photoshop couldn't have been ready by march 27th since OSX wasn't ready on march 27th. Many people called 10.0.0 a "late public beta".

I would be willing to bet that @ MWNY companies will deliver a lot of really cool applications that we have all been waiting for. Programs like Photoshop and Final Cut Pro might take a little more time [fall maybe?] because of their insane complexity.

This is going to be a time consuming process, but look how far we have come in the past months since OSX's release. I don't even have classic installed any more.

We have the car [all wheel drive with 400hp], we just don't have the leather seats and power windows yet. I can be fully productive [more so than in OS9] as a web developer, but I can't watch DVDs yet.

A lot of the applications that you see now are the result of programmers learning the new APIs and getting used to the environment. Soon there will be more stuff to play with than you will know what to do with.

OSX won CNET's OS Death Match [against Win2k] and there arn't even that many applications out for it. That tells you something right there. With Windows XP coming out, I would be more worried [or delighted] with the fall of Windows. Developers will now have to support 3 platforms if they stick with Micro$oft.

just my $.02

check out the OS Death Match...its rather amusing.


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CNET's death match was a joke. How could windows win in the user interface category when it runs windows applications?


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Good point. I totally agree with you, buy you have to admit, the fact that MacOSX won the contest is reassuring.


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I read reviews all over the place. CNETs reviews are a nice contrast to most of the user user reviews you get from places like version tracker.