Godaddy & Mac OS X 10.6 Multiple websites on one host


I'm told that i can have more then one site on my server and mealy by the person typing in different address they can pull up a different site behind one IP address....

HOW? I have tried every thing I can think of. I got OSX Server because I wanted to learn how to do more stuff on my own. I tired setting up two primary DNS Zones... one with each site... not sure if that did any thing or not.
I set up the two site under the "web" service. Im using godaddy as my provided. does any one know how to set it up to work. right now i just changed the A-record to push to my server....

When i type in either of the two websites I get to what ever site i have in the upper most slot in the web service config

Not sure if i am close or not.

Here is my system info.
Im running Mac OS X server on a MacMINI. it is behind an Airport extreme.