Going great but...


Getting all my OSX issues sorted one at a time.
Finally got my Pismo on the net with modem and no dial tone.

NOW my current issue is I cannot return to OS9 after using OSX as it appears to make the system not valid.
I have 9 on one partition and x on the other and no copy of 9 on the X partition as a dual boot appeared to be a better bet than classic.

I have version 9.02 not 9.04 is there something added to 9.04 I am missing, or a work around???
Also how do I install Apple works without going to 9??

Any help appreciated...
Could you be more specific? Is the Startup Disk panel in System Preferences crashing, or doesn't holding option at boot work? In both cases your OS 9 partition might be damaged. Boot from a cd and run Disk First Aid on it.