Golf Sims


Barking at the moon.
I'm looking for a golf game for my Mac .. I saw MacSoft ported Links LS 2000 but that was a while ago (and was for OS 8/9). Does anyone know of any golf sims in the works for OSX?
i'm gonna bump this because no one's answered and i'm still in the need of a good golf game for X. I'm assuming that there isn't anything out right now ... but are there any rumors of golf games in the works?
...a resounding "YES".

Links Championship Edition is set to be released later this month, from Bold, the label of former MacSoft head Peter Tamte.

The Mac Game Database keeps a constant list of upcoming titles, and we'll even pop you an email when the game is released.

Marc, you just made my freakin' day! Great site, too! I've been looking for something like that .. great job.

Now I just have to pray that it will run on my iBook. :rolleyes:
hey...thanks for the kind comments...

the deal on the site is: it's hosted out of my apartment. it's a hobby thing. but, we're moving to a virtual hosting account this month, so hopefully that'll give us better reliability.

i just got a tibook yesterday, so today, i'm pretty stoked. after three years of developing using php/mysql, i can finally have them on a mobile mac! and all that, plus a kickass golf game.

right on.