gone for a week


mac shaman
just in case you didn't catch it when i mentioned it in a mod thread, or just to remind you, i am going to be pretty much gone from this sat the 24th thru sat the 31. i'm going to ohio for a week. it is my mom's 70th bday on sun the 25th and my sister's present to her is to fly me back. so i won't be able to do very much as i will have limited time and access while there. i'm sure i'll stop in but not much.

when iget back we need to set up a schedule for dealing with the mail. we never really finalized anything and for awhile things were quiet enough on the iste and in my life that it was ok. both are getting busier these days i need a little help.
hope all is well with you. i just noticed some of the desktops you made. pretty nice. :)


Staff member

Sounds good. I have been trying to work on all the emails coming in... so maybe we have been overlapping? I noticed sometimes I'd go investigate an issue and it was done.