Good and cheap webhosting in the UK?


Anybody know any good and cheap web hosting that operates in the UK? I'm looking to set up my own family website with my own domain name and while doing a search on Google reveals loads and loads of hosts, I don't know which ones are trustworthy and which are ... 'dodgy'.

My needs are very modest. I need a few POP3 mail accounts, and about 100 MB of webspace. Web traffic doesn't need to exceed 1 GB per month.

So, suggestions?


Streamline ! If you get the poweruser account like I have it's £31.99 for a year plus you get a free domain name also:

100mb webspace
unlimited bandwidth
choice of linux or windows server
multiple sub domains
10 pop 3 accounts
2 Mysql databases
CGI, PHP, SSI support

And loads more ! I think it's pretty decent for the price. click the power user package.