Good or Bad


Ok so not everyone was able to afford to run out and grab a copy right away. Or havent decided if they should get it. So with a short explination is it awesome? Or what?
If you like tinkering, you'll love it,
if you want it work, you'll be lucky,
although it's kept me amused for hours upon end.

I would highly recommend OS X for users who are self-confessed Mac Geeks, or Unix Geeks, or just geeks, trouble is that this is simply PB version 2.
The whole concept is to get the Egg out before the Chicken, the Chicken of course being mid-summer when OS 10.1 is out and Photoshop et al are released. (This is a release for the developers and enthusiasts, not for general use, it is currently way to limited for that.)

Buy it for novelty value alone and the fact that you can finally get a 'free' update when 10.1 is out!
But make sure you've got over 200MB of RAM!
I could use it as a working OS only because it has the Terminal app. My Mac is a Juke box and my PC is my work when Apple released iTunes I was in luck. Other than that I'd say wait until software support is available. I think it's a usable OS but you need apps to run on it...right?
I initially was really annoyed at the shortcomings of this initial release. Just two things really still annoy me, but that is ok (Quicktime is mud slow and no DVD player) because I can still get my work done by simply rebooting in 9.1.

The more I play with it, the more I dig this new OS. I can deal with the slight sluggishness at this point. As long as I don't have to shell out another $100 for an OS for a while, heh.... Poking around learning the ins and outs of this OS is most of the fun.

Face it, every time that Apple has released a new OS, there are always the whiners out there that scream and bitch because they can't do everything the exact same way as before. That willl never change. I just wonder why these people throw away their money i they are soooo happy with the status quo.
I pretty much agree with Dogma's take on the situation. It's for people who are... more that just computer users. If you like to tinker, it's lovely. If you like staring at the genie effect and all the other Quartz features, it's friggin' rad. But if you're the type who starts yelling and screaming when a program crashes... well, you might want to hold off until this summer.

More power to ya, Spook. I agree with you totally. And people need to understand that this is the first release of an entirely new OS. Of COURSE it's going to have bugs, of course some things are not going to work. Apple set a ship date, and they met it, bugs notwithstanding.