Good things about 10.1


Colonel Panic
I installed the 'instant up-to-date' CD for 10.1. My one BIG complaint is that it broke the 10.0.4 Project Builder, and the newer version isn't yet available for download. Personally, I think this is a big enough problem that it should warrant a large, bold warning dialog during installation.

But apart from that, there's lots to like:

As expected, faster menus, and faster window resizing in finder.

Love the word-wrapped file names in Icon view

Also like the arrows to indicate folders in columnar view.

Many apps launch more quickly.

Print manager now has more printer choices, plus allows you to select any PPD you have on your hard drive - a BIG plus for me.

My VST 22GB firewire drive now is automatically recognized. In 10.0.4, I had to disconnect/reconnect the power to the drive for the mac to recognize it in OSX.

The 'brightness' button on the Apple Studio Display 17" now brings up the Monitors pane of System Preferences. (Before it did NOTHING)

The CD-drawer key on the G4 Quicksilver tower now quickly and reliably opens AND closes the CD drawer.
Here are some more good things:

Just to back up the above: Application launching rules!

Visual indicator for the volume keys.

The integrated iTunes controls (in dock icon).

MS Word for OS X: I love it!

DVD Player - fast, and it doesn't take a day and a half to stop when you press space bar :).

The login screen is looks really cool.

The menubar "docklings", I forgot the real name.

Adobe Acrobat 5 - great example a a well coded OS X app (IMO).
I've spent a lot of time over the last week reading posts like this one and it got me very excited about 10.1... (And I went through hoops to finally get it. OS 10.0.4 --> Seybold [too late] --> CompUSA Friday [not ther yet] --> ComUSA Sunday [already gone] --> MacAdam [Yes!])

Well I have to say my experience does not leave me with the same joyfull glee that others are experiencing.

First of all I am on an older B&W G3, so that could have something to do with it.

Secondly I did not do a fresh build, I simply installed on top of what was my Publich Beta and recently 10.0.1, 10.0.?, and 10.0.4.

However, I've got a ton of ram (320MB) and an G3 really doesn't feel over-the-hill when running OS 9.x... so I guess I was taken in by the hype again... I really expected more.

(Hell, my Entourage icon really did bounce only once, but then it wated 20 more seconds before actually launching... So counting bounces is not a valid measure in my mind.)

Sorry for interrupting this "Good things about 10.1" thread with this semi-rant.

So will a new single processor G4 machine do the trick or do I have to get a dual processors just to get decent performance out of OS X?