Goodbye Bonjour!


I have a small LAN with several computers on it, including a PowerMac, a Mac mini and a Powerbook. Across the network, printers which could be easily seen using Bonjour by the P'book/Mini now just disappear randomly, since moving to Tiger. The Netgear router seems fine and there is no problem accessing the internet; just this disappearing printer problem. Not only do the 2 network printers disappear, the copier/printer USB attached to the Powermac blinks out of the Bonjour print queues also.

All settings in print/fax prefs are correct. Printers are initially identified in the PowerMac for broadcast. (like I said, it works randomly) I tend to think the PowerMac stops sending out the locations to the Powerbook and Mini, but can't identify the problem. Suggestions?

Thanks in advance.