Goofy Dock "Bug"


Licensed Computer Geek
This is a funny little minor bug that doesn't really harm anything. Try this: grab one of your dock icons (any one will do.) Drag it slowly to just a few pixels above the Dock's upper border (or side, or bottom, depending on how you've got it positioned.) If done correctly, the Dock will sort of pulsate as the cursor repeatedly oscillates between being inside and outside the Dock. You'll have to try it to see what I mean. This only works if you have your Dock set to full size, so it grows and shrinks based on the number of items in it.
That is freakin' strange. I love it! Could this be the first Mac OS X Easter egg?

Now we need to figure out what song it pulsates to. This could be like the "Dark Side of Oz" weirdness of last year. If we can find an appropriately titled song that "means something," we might have an Internet rumor on our hands...

Or maybe I've just had too much coffee before noon. ;)
at one pixel below the border the dock is expanded. one pixel above the border te dock is shrunk. exactly on the border it's still expanded. Never shrrinks for me. Maybe it's my trackpad is more precise than a mouse?
I'm not sure if you have magnification turned on, but I've noticed that it doesn't work quite as well with it on. Also, I'm using a monitor at 1024x768, so the Dock is pretty large. I don't know if that would have anything to do with it, though. By the way, auto hide should be off as well.