Google Chrome: Problems Restoring Bookmarks.


I use google chrome as my main browser. I use it logged in to my google ID so bookmarks are synced across multiple devices.

A year or so ago I noticed that bookmarks were randomly disappearing, or the bookmark to one page had the name of a different bookmark. This was happening apparently at random to some but not all bookmarks.

I never got to the bottom of the problem but what resolved it was restoring an old version of bookmarks and bookmarks.bak from Time Machine.

Today I have found chrome is up to its old tricks and again lots of bookmarks I need have disappeared, while others have been renamed. I'd like to restore from time machine again but it's not working.

I delete the current bookmarks and bookmarks.bak files. I find the backups in timemachine and restore them to the correct place (Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default) but when I reopen google chrome my current set of bookmarks remain. In fact even if I open chrome after deleting the current bookmarks but before restoring the old bookmarks, the current bookmarks remain. This happens if I am logged in to chrome or not.

It's driving me bonkers. Obviously I would prefer that chrome didn't mess up my bookmarks in the first place, but for now I'd be happy just being able to restore the old bookmarks.

Does anyone have any advice?

thanks kindly