Google In Safari


I look up, e.g., "Norlandia Måløy Hotell" [Norwegian] in Safari Google bar. It returns, variously, only a handful of links, mostly in German, or irrelevancies/transliterations/misspellings (e.g. "Maloey", "Malone"). Same thing if I access directly via Safari.

However, Google accessed via IE works perfectly!

This is a new/recent problem. I had to reinstall 10.4.2 last week -- including updates, 3rd party, etc. -- owing unrelated problem. I subsequently installed Macaroni and removed localized files (but not Norwegian, of course!).

No other problems since reinstallation.

I just searched for yoour example, in the Safari google box and got 530 results. Have you used the 'advanced search' option on google? Those settings are saved so next time you search it would limit the results. Try checking that, empty your cache too.
Just checked it on safari, got 315 results (copy and pasted search terms from your post), and from .no addresses i guess they are norwegian. You could try using acid search (, which allows you to add search engines to the little search box, and add to it, might help.