Goto server stopped working


This issue is an irritation to me that should be solvable.

Pc windows 7 server with a VNC server on it.("music server"). Used to stream music to hifi.

Mac airport extreme router. NAS drives for music. Plays ok, etc, etc

Music server controlled with IPAD using Remoter VNC client. Basically a remote desktop. Works ok for my purposes.

Occasionally use a Mac laptop to control the music server. Using Finder window on Mac->go to server- VNC server. Enter vnc://ipadress of pc. Worked fine for months.

Now, all of a sudden, this won't work and trying to find the music server just gives me a horizontal progress bar. Never connects

Can use same laptop finder window on same laptop to connect to another machine with VNC server on same network. (Same software and machine to connect to another pc with VNC server on network). Continues to work
Can use another VNC client(s) on the mac laptop to connect to the music server without issues (chicken of the VNC and Glavsoft VNC client)

All stuff rebooted, VNC address rentered manually, VNC server reinstalled on music server pc. no help

So I am able to function but irritated at my inability to resolve.

No error messages. No other apparent issues. Just a blue progress bar that does not progress.

Can someone solve/resolve? Or tell me where to go for help