GPRS access abroad


aka Norman Gah
Just a quick one.

I am living in UK. Whenever I dont have access to internet, I normally just connect my Powerbook to my P910i via bluetooth in order to surf via using the phones GPRS connection. For the dialup number on my laptop, I use *99#.

I will be competing in the Staples2Naples Rally with some friends in few days time. This will mean us travelling over Europe to reach our final destination of Naples. I'll also be taking my laptop in order so we can go online and post our daily blogs.

Does anyone know if I can still use the dialup number *99# from my laptop, in order to use my phone's GPRS connection whilst abroad?


do you have t-mobile by any chance? there is a good thread on setting up your phone to work via bluetooth without using the *99# over at .... it just uses the t-mobile access points at the "dialup number". Works for me all the time, check it out (if you have t-mobile, that is).
I'm using Orange in Switzerland, and they've accomplished a nice task: It just works. Every GPRS-capable network in Europe (and even the world, I guess) that has a roaming contract with Orange Switzerland lets me simply use the settings I use in Switzerland. It just works. How great is that? Hm. Actually, I think more technology should be like that and Apple. ;)
Cheers for the info guys.

At the moment I am on Orange network and it works fine, within UK that is.

For this trip though, my work have allowed me to use a company SIM which is on Vodafone 3G. I also have a Sony Ericsson Z800 3G Handset, but cannot get it to work properly with my laptop :-s

Still, GPRS access should suffice for our trip.