Grabbing's Great.


This isn't exactly a tip or a trick, but I wanted to exclaim about how cool the Grab feature is. I've used all three options (Screen, Selection, Timed Screen), and it works great. Pasting a selection into an email is just beautiful. Of course, the recipient would have to be using X's Mail app to see it as you do, as part of the message; people using other Email apps will receive the pic as an attachment.
Also note that if you activate Mail and click the Compose button then tab into the message area, the submenu:

Mail --> Services --> Grab

is active. You can choose to grab a selection and when you finish grabbing, the picture of the area grabbed will be included in the message you are composing right where the cursor is.

Now if only Services worked in ALL apps. But gives you a taste for what is comming.

I love OS X!

If you look at the Mac OS X theatre on the Apple site it shows little animations of Mac OS interface items. The genie effect, the stop light glyphs appearing, the pdf compositor, etc.

How did they grab these animations? On Mac OS 9 you can do it with SnapzPro, a 3rd party screen grabber from Ambrossia software. Perhaps Apple has a secret app that they keep for themselves to do this, but so far Apple hasn't been fussy about releasing such tools to developers or the general public.

Or am I just overlookng something?