Graphics Market and OSX.


Running a strictly carbon/cocca OS.
No Classic Environment.

OSX in the office?
Mail, Browser, Database. Output (Lets hurry up with those print drivers)
How close are we? Very close.

OSX in the production?
Office Apps + Industry standard Graphic Suites
We are going to have to wait.
How long will it take? Who really knows?

I guess we could use Stone Designs Apps. (giggle)

Are there any Graphics Facility Administrators
willing to guess how long it will take
to go total carbon/cocca OS in their facility?



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I keep track of a small graphic design firm, running nothing higher than os9. Classic just isn't gonna cut it. I'm not sure when we'll be able to print reliably from OSX to our image setter, or whether X will even see our appletalk based rip, running 7.5.
I just installed Xpb on my machine at work, and am going to start playing around with printing and appletalk, but with the recent release of photoshop 6, should we be holding out and waiting for a possible carbon or cocoa pshop 6.5?

Uh oh, our main page layout is Pagemaker6.5, and that is definitely never going to get carbonized! InDesign sux! Quark, maybe? But how many updates will that take before it works? Seems to me that with the graphics(osx) being based on pdf, there is gonna be a big shift toward pdf in print, where a beefed up pagemaker or quark would kick ass.

getting carried away, I should probably head over to the 3rd party software forum and see what's up!



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quark is just getting around to adding OS8 specific stuff like appearance support, nav services, etc. 8 has been out for what? 3 years now?

hmmm wonder what layout sw was available for NeXT...