Graphics Printing Issue in MS Word


I have MS Office 2004 on the a mac. I am trying to print from ms word and it does not print correctly. I have imported a PNG file which is basically a vertical banner on the left side of the document flush to a 0" inch margin. In print layout view it displays as if it covers from top to bottom and left to right with no white margin. Yet when I put in print preview mode it does have a margin on all sides.

I have tried every setting possible, the borders setting, page setup (margins all set to 0) graphic settings and nothing works.

I would like this to print out where it bleeds to the paper edge (8.5 X !1) and the graphic looks professional, no white margins.

I can print it from my canon printer because it has borderless settings but not from my other printer which is an epson.

Please help me understand, is this a MS Office problem?

For the most part, borderless printing is a hardware feature of your printer that is supported by its print driver for your OS. Most printers do not allow borderless printing on 8.5" × 11.0" paper. To achieve full-bleed pages of this size, professionals print on 9.0" × 12.0" paper and then trim it.